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The 1 - 2 - 3 Carpet Cleaning Punch!

We use a citrus-based solvent cleaning solution that is manufactured exclusively for us. This outstanding formula eliminates the residual problems caused by steam, shampoo and chemical cleaning. In effect, your carpets actually stay cleaner longer.
Three simple steps define the CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning process. Each step has a specific function to Clean Better, Dry Faster and Smell Great!



The proprietary CitruSolution product is lightly sprayed over the carpets using a chemical backpack sprayer. This allows only enough product necessary to do the cleaning, which directly contributes to our fast drying times. No saturation required!



The next step uses a carpet buffer to scrub your carpets. The scrubbing action pulls out pet hair, dust, dirt from your carpet fiber. This step also activates the citrus product over carpet spots. Dirt and spots dealt with all in one step!



What ever the scrubbing process doesn't capture is actually tossed on top of the carpeting making it easy for a simple vacuum to pick up the rest. Voila! you're left with a freshly vacuumed area that looks great and smells great!

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